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About Appointment Scheduler

Appointment Scheduler can be Easily Customised for Your Specific Business

  1. Setup. We help with the initial setup and configuration to match your business processes. No setup fee. No software to install – everything is web-based. FREE unlimited email support. You can be up and running today.
  2. Schedule appointments/classes/private-tuition. You, your hired helpers / service providers and your clients can schedule events on-line. Real time bookings ensure no overbooking. Times that are available (based on the availability of your business resources and your business rules) are shown right on the calendar to see.
  3. Collect revenue. Your clients can pay securely on-line with a credit card. Auto-pay/recurring processes can process annual payments automatically.
  4. Track business performance through the dozens of reports and automatic reminder emails.

Simple for Your Clients

Clients register themselves online by creating an account and entering payment information. Once an account has been created, the client can search and register for events on the colour-coded calendar, add additional services such as t-shirts or supplies, view their charges and make payments. Automatic reminders and auto bill pay can be set-up to ensure events are attended and balances are paid.

Simple for Your Business

Manage your clients, events, staff, contractors, locations and billing with a single application. Your business sets up the availability of staff or contractors and location to make creating events easy. E-mail notifications can be automatically sent to notify everyone involved when specific conditions are met. Reports let you print event rosters, track events, view charges and more. View client details, including registration, special notes and charge/payment history. You can even add Additional products and services that clients can purchase online and boost your sales.

In addition, you have the support of the Appointment Scheduler staff, available from 9am – 5pm, Eastern Standard time Sydney Australia, Monday through Friday by e-mail, to help you with any questions or concerns.

Appointment Scheduler’s twelve month Premium subscription is great value. You can try our facility using the free service initially, and then our 30 day money back guarantee and complimentary set-up on our Premium service makes trying Appointment Scheduler risk-free. Contact us today to see how Appointment Scheduler can work for you.

Appointment Scheduler Features

Appointment Scheduler simplifies your client scheduling, registration, billing, staffing and event management and more. This easy-to-use online tool allows your clients to schedule their appointments while keeping your business in control with settings that you can customise based on your services and your business policies.

For Your Clients

Your clients will love the convenience of Appointment Scheduler’s drag and drop scheduling and online billing. Not only will they be able to view their schedule online, they’ll also get:

  • Access to their account 24×7
  • E-mail notifications for events, such as location changes or cancellations
  • Billing information stored securely for quick payments
  • Payment and billing history
  • The option of linking multiple people to one billing account

For Your Hired Helpers and Service Providers

Your Hired Helpers and Service Providers will appreciate Appointment Scheduler as much as your clients. The easy online system makes it easy for them to manage their schedules with features like:

  • Access to the system 24×7, from any computer
  • Setting their availability, what they provide and where they provide it
  • Automatic e-mail notifications for events, such as location changes or cancellations

For Your Business or Organisation

Appointment Scheduler is an easy-to-use online tool that helps your business or organisation to stay on track with great features like:

  • Availability based scheduling that ensures events are not overbooked
  • E-mail notifications when clients register for an event
  • Easy drag and drop scheduling
  • A colour-coded customisable calendar with:
    • Daily and weekly views
    • Easy filtering to show just certain providers, services, and/or locations
    • Availability shown right on the calendar
  • Automatic email notifications to you, your staff and/or your clients
  • Secure credit card transactions
  • Auto-pay processing for credit card transactions
  • Billing via e-mail or print invoices and statements
  • Customised settings to fit your business needs, including:
    • Logos and colours
    • Labels you use to refer to your service offerings, clients, providers and locations
    • Business hours and holidays
    • Instructor, location, service type availability
    • Appointment pricing rules, such as amounts, due dates, deposits, taxes and more
    • Conflict checking – no over booking / no double booking
    • Permissions for controlling what your clients can do on-line
    • Email notification rules
  • Appointment scheduling options, like:
    • Group and Single events
    • One time and recurring events
    • Multiple pricing options –– plans, due date, and amounts automatically added to client’s accounts as appointments are created
    • Age enforcement – optional
  • Automatically added charges, like supply fees, as appointments are scheduled
  • The opportunity to increase revenues by offering merchandise such as books, T-shirts and supplies online
  • Dozens of reports to help manage and review your business performance

Who Should Use Appointment Scheduler?

Appointment Scheduler is an ideal solution for any service-based business that needs to easily schedule appointments, classes or private lessons based on the availability of their workers/contractors or locations.

Great for:

  • All forms of Dance Classes
  • Yoga, Pilates and Callanetics Classes
  • Music and Singing Lessons
  • Art Lessons
  • Tour Guides
  • Mobile Hairdressers, Nail Artists and Beauty Therapists
  • Psychic Readers and Tarot Readers
  • Massage Therapists, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists
  • Personal Trainers
  • Hypnotherapists, Psychologists and other Health Professionals
  • Life Coaches
  • Naturopaths
  • Pet Groomers, Animal Minders and Dog Walkers
  • All types of Domestic and Commercial Cleaners
  • Builders and Handymen
  • Cooking Classes
  • Language Classes
  • Personal Tuition for School students
  • Mobile Computer Repairman and tutors
  • House-Sitters
  • Babysitters

And More!

Appointment Scheduler provides availability-based scheduling. Events are easily added to your Calendar based on the availability of instructors, rooms, tutors, service providers or any other resource critical to your business. If you need to move an appointment, simply drag it to a new time slot, instructor or service provider! Keep track of all your clients, what events they have scheduled, and how much they owe. You can even accept payments or deposits on-line!

Since Appointment Scheduler is web-based, you and your clients can access the Calendar anytime and from any computer with an Internet connection!


  • Simple on-line scheduling
  • You set the guidelines: your logo, your labels, and your policies
  • Client billing tools like personalised account statements and auto-pay
  • Dozens of reports to manage your business better
  • A secure, encrypted on-line site for processing credit card payments
  • Automatic e-mail notifications
  • Add additional products and services clients can order online
  • Nightly backups
  • FREE unlimited email support
  • FREE software upgrades

Appointment Scheduler’s customisable calendar, which includes:

  • Colour-coding for quick reference
  • Easy drag and drop scheduling
  • Daily and weekly view options
  • Filtering by name of hired helper, locations or services