Frequently Asked Questions

What is Appointment Scheduler?

Appointment Scheduler is an Online Scheduling System that provides availability-based scheduling. Events can be easily added to your Calendar based on the availability of instructors, rooms, tutors, service providers or any other resource critical to your business. If you need to move an appointment, simply drag it to a new time slot, instructor or service provider! Keep track of all your clients, what events they have scheduled, and how much they owe. You can even accept payments or deposits on-line!

Since Appointment Scheduler is web-based, you and your clients can access the Calendar anytime and from any computer with an Internet connection!

How Does Appointment Scheduler Work?

If you are a teacher, a consultant, or a service provider of any kind and you have your own Business, just enrol via the sign-up tab and follow the instructions from there. Please call us for help when you enrol. Then, share your link on your website or on your business cards so that your clients and students can go to your page and request an appointment or booking with you. It’s that simple! When they do, they will be led through a series of steps so that they can use the site. It’s all pretty much automated, and it’s very easy to use. There will be no problems using the site, rest assured of that.

Why Does Appointment Scheduler Exist?

Appointment Scheduler was created to be used in all of The Loving Heart Foundation Australia’s various businesses and organisations. It has been made available for other members of the public worldwide to use as well, in order to cover the costs of running Appointment Scheduler, and to create a profit for The Loving Heart Foundation to help in its mission to assist mothers and their children (and animal companions) be able to leave situations of domestic violence and live in safety. To read more about the Foundation please go to http://lovingheartfoundationaustralia.org/ .

Who Can Use Appointment Scheduler?

Appointment Scheduler is available for anyone to use, with any type of business. Even Accountants and Lawyers can use Appointment Scheduler! Appointment Scheduler is an ideal solution for any service-based business that needs to easily schedule appointments, classes or private lessons based on either the man or woman’s own availability, the availability of his or her staff or contractors, or the location of the service, service provider or client.

What Are the Fees to Use Appointment Scheduler?

For the free service which allows you up to 9 clients, there is no setup fee when you enrol with Appointment Scheduler. There are ads on your page when you use the free service that won’t appear once you sign up for the paid service.

Then, once you hit 10 clients up to 50 clients, you reach level one and the fee to use the service is AUD $30 per month. From 51 clients to 100 clients you reach level two and the fee is AUD $45 per month, and the range of fees rise from there. Please see our pricing page for more specific information regarding our fees.

For the level one and two services, our fees are based on the number of students/clients that you have. Our premium services involve an annual fee. When you initially try the Premium level Appointment Scheduler service, we give you a 30-day money back guarantee. We provide FREE e-mail support, and FREE software upgrades. Each time we update the software, you get those new features automatically and for FREE. We also provide FREE training where we help with the initial setup and configuration to match your business processes and we will answer questions anytime.

For the more complex services of levels three and four, please email us for our fees. These levels will be added later, as they are not required just yet.

Is Appointment Scheduler Only for Australian Businesses?

Absolutely not! Anyone can use Appointment Scheduler, regardless of location, as long you have an internet connection and a computer, and you may use the site for however long you need the assistance that Appointment Scheduler can give you. If you are in business for yourself anywhere in the world, Appointment Scheduler is for you!

Can I Use Appointment Scheduler to Do Illegal Things?

Absolutely not! We will not tolerate any illegal usage of Appointment Scheduler. Contact us if you have reason to believe that someone is abusing our site.